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Operation Bolero Recovery & Restoration Group, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery and restoration of WWII aircraft, and to sharing the significant history of the vintage military aircraft of WWII with generations to come.

The current project is the recovery and restoration of the remaining Lost Squadron, (5) P-38 fighters and (2) B-17 bombers forced to land in Greenland in July of 1942 during Operation Bolero.

Once recovered, the planes of the Lost Squadron would be brought home and restored by OBRRG, in hopes that they would fly the skies with the P-38 Glacier Girl, thus becoming the only squadron of WWII fighter aircraft flying together in the world.

Due to the historical significance and value of these aircraft, a group in Germany is actively seeking to recover them. If this is allowed to happen, it is likely that these wonderful warbirds will never return home to the country that they served so valiantly for. Operation Bolero Recovery and Restoration Group would like to “Bring ‘Em Home to America” where they rightfully belong.

Joe Meyers, Operations Manager

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